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The Art of DIY Gifting

Opt out of the season's shopping rush with this tasty gift for everyone on your list—cardamom shortbread cookies tied up with a Made in Portland gift tags!

  • Published 11/15/2013
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Handmade Holiday Roundup

After you’ve tucked your Thanksgiving leftovers into the fridge and taken a post-feast nap, it’s time to face the facts—the holiday shopping season has arrived.

  • By Kristin Leigh
  • Published 11/13/2013
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Fall Home Design Workshops

Arciform's talented team will offer an hour of free design help for any home's small spaces to folks who RSVP before September 15.

  • By Nathan Tucker
  • Published 09/03/2013
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Local Plate Delivers DIY Dishes to Your Door

A new Portland-based company aims to connect small-scale Northwest farms, ranches, and fishers to at-home diners via easy-to-make meals.

  • By Allison Jones
  • Published 07/18/2013
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Custom Hair Color for $20

Brave enough to dip into home hair coloring? An online site creates custom dye for just you.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 07/09/2013
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How to Share in the Sharing Economy

Inspired by Oregon’s pioneer settlers of the 19th century, we explore how to participate in a “shared economy” in present day Portland.

  • By Kristin Belz
  • Published 06/21/2013
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Knotty 'n' Nice Macrame

Resurrect this lost art from the 1970s to make something functional and beautiful.

  • By Kristin Belz
  • Published 05/09/2013
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Coconut Oil: The Magical Beauty Fix All

Think outside the box (and cupboard) with our top ten ways you can use versatile coconut oil for a host of beauty treatments.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 04/09/2013
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Quilts for the Feel of Your City

How better to get to know your hometown than to wrap yourself in a quilt that captures its every twist and turn?

  • By Kristin Belz
  • Published 04/01/2013
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You Can Sew Your Own Way

Why pay retail when you can create your own gorgeous cloth napkins and other home goods at a sewing studio?

  • By Kristin Belz
  • Published 04/01/2013
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Start Your Own Seeds

Starting seeds indoors is easy, fun and doesn't need to cost much. Just follow these simple directions and get growing!

  • By Kate Bryant
  • Published 02/12/2013
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How to Apply False Eyelashes

Ready to try false eyelashes for that big holiday party? Take the time to watch this tutorial.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 12/13/2012
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gardening classes

Learn to Prune Your Trees

Learn how to prune small trees in your garden from Hoyt Arboretum's curator of collections

  • By Kate Bryant
  • Published 10/31/2012
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Look for Less

DIY: Golden Lace Cuff

Get your creative cap on, we’ve got the simple steps to help you make your own gold lace cuff for a fraction of the retail price.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 08/22/2012
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Slide Show: DIY Your Way to Gold Bangles

  • Published 12/08/2011
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Get the Look

DIY Your Way to Gold Bangles

Stack your arm with accessories of your own making.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 12/08/2011
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DIY Five

Joel Henriques’s fantastic finger puppets are coming for YOU!

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 10/14/2011
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