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Little Big Burger’s Whopper Weekend

Micah Camden’s newest restaurant draws the hungry (and curious) masses.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 09/21/2010
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Food News

Know SE Portland’s Nostrana Inside and Out

Chef Cathy Whims is here to help Portland eaters choose their own food adventure

  • By Anna Sachse
  • Published 09/17/2010
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Food News

Tasty n Sons Does Dinner — and Snack

John Gorham and Co.’s N. Williams brunch-ery is ready to go alllllllllll day long.

  • By Anna Sachse
  • Published 09/13/2010
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Food News

Kristin Murray to Paley’s Place; Lauren Fortgang to Little Bird

Pastry Chefs Shuffle: Two of Portland’s most prominent dessert makers have sweet new deals.

  • By Karen Brooks
  • Published 09/09/2010
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Chasing Chickens at Homegrown Doc Fest

Friday’s NW Documentary film fest features a short about Portland Meat Collective maven, Camas Davis.

  • By Anna Sachse
  • Published 09/02/2010
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Five Questions

Chef Q & A: Micah Camden

Little Big Burger is bringing fast, affordable sliders-on-steroids to foodies in The Pearl.

  • By Anna Sachse
  • Published 09/01/2010
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Food Factory

Portland Public Schools are trying to improve the school lunches they provide for the city's students.

  • By Hanna Neuschwander
  • Published 08/16/2010
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Karen Brooks

Karen Brooks Named Portland Monthly Food Editor

For more than 30 years, Brooks has been Portland’s defining voice of dining.

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 06/14/2010
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Star Chefs

Top Foodie Site Takes Shine to PDX

StarChefs.com visits Portland restaurants

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 05/28/2010
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Brunch in Northwest

23 Hoyt Adds Weekend Brunch

Northwest Portland becomes less a breakfast wasteland

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 05/26/2010
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Bacon Lovers Unite

The Ethical Butcher

New twist on "bacon of the month" club

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 05/07/2010
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Food News

Read. Cook. Eat.

Culinary Book Fair is a real page-turner

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 04/27/2010
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Public Events

Reading and Eating

Four public events at IACP Conference

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 04/22/2010
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Foodie Heaven

IACP Benefit Dinner

More than a procession of plates—it’s an epic edible experience

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 04/13/2010
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The Mudroom


The insanely cute labradoodle has earned space in our hearts as well as our publication.

  • By Ted Katauskas
  • Published 03/16/2010

Pop-up Restaurants

A New Model for Portland Eateries?

Pop-up retail is hot. What about pop-up restaurants?

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 03/04/2010
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Cash Crop

The Portland Farmers Market has slowly blossomed into one of the city's leading economic pulses, but lack of city support has put Portland vendor's fees among the highest in the nation.

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 02/16/2010
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Back to School

A wide range of prices, locations and food choices, Portland chefs offer you the opportunity to learn their favorite dishes.

  • By Hanna Neuschwander
  • Published 02/15/2010
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Editor’s Note

Accidental Foodie

Editor in Chief Randy Gragg compares Portland's gourmet scene to other cities, particularly Boston. This spring, the International Association of Culinary Professionals will hold its annual conference in Portland.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 02/02/2010
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El Bulli to Close

The World’s Best Restaurant to close for two years in 2011

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 01/26/2010
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