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Food News

Read. Cook. Eat.

Culinary Book Fair is a real page-turner

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 04/27/2010

Public Events

Reading and Eating

Four public events at IACP Conference

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 04/22/2010

Foodie Heaven

IACP Benefit Dinner

More than a procession of plates—it’s an epic edible experience

  • By Stacy Austin
  • Published 04/13/2010

The Mudroom


The insanely cute labradoodle has earned space in our hearts as well as our publication.

  • By Ted Katauskas
  • Published 03/16/2010

Pop-up Restaurants

A New Model for Portland Eateries?

Pop-up retail is hot. What about pop-up restaurants?

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 03/04/2010


Cash Crop

The Portland Farmers Market has slowly blossomed into one of the city's leading economic pulses, but lack of city support has put Portland vendor's fees among the highest in the nation.

  • By Mike Thelin
  • Published 02/16/2010


Back to School

A wide range of prices, locations and food choices, Portland chefs offer you the opportunity to learn their favorite dishes.

  • By Hanna Neuschwander
  • Published 02/15/2010

Editor’s Note

Accidental Foodie

Editor in Chief Randy Gragg compares Portland's gourmet scene to other cities, particularly Boston. This spring, the International Association of Culinary Professionals will hold its annual conference in Portland.

  • By Randy Gragg
  • Published 02/02/2010


El Bulli to Close

The World’s Best Restaurant to close for two years in 2011

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 01/26/2010


What Really Affected Dinner in 2009

How the credit crisis made Portland even better.

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 01/05/2010


Top That! Pizza Bake-Off

  • By Kaitlyn Evans
  • Published 12/09/2009

turkey day

Countdown to Thanksgiving

  • By Kaitlyn Evans
  • Published 11/24/2009


The Ten Worst Dining Trends

And why I love half of them.

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 10/26/2009

restaurant guide

Behind the Scenes: Best Restaurants 2009

We wrote a restaurant guide, and you can too.

  • Published 10/23/2009



Cacao will host craft batch chocolate makers for 3 Year Anniversary event

  • By Kaitlyn Evans
  • Published 10/05/2009


Gourmet Magazine to Close

New York Times blog reports Conde Nast will close flagship food magazine after 69 year run

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 10/05/2009

Foodie Festival

East Side’s Excuse to Indulge

  • By Kaitlyn Evans
  • Published 09/30/2009


Frank Bruni on Portland Oregon

The ex-New York Times writer on writing, eating, Portland, and not getting fat.

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 09/25/2009


PCA Event To Host Top Northwest Food Writers

  • By Eat Beat Team
  • Published 09/23/2009

Foodie Festival

Indulge @ The Jupiter

East Side eateries unite for Ecotrust at the Jupiter Hotel.

  • By Kaitlyn Evans
  • Published 09/02/2009
Displaying articles 141 - 160 of 193 in total