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Local Music Videos

Eye and ear candy, to placate your Monday stupor.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 08/16/2010
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Monarques at Rontoms

Monarques will have Rontoms all aflutter this Sunday.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 08/13/2010
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Esperanza Spalding Releases New Album

Chamber Music Society delivers breezy, nuanced summer jazz.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 08/11/2010
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Weekend Picks!

Farm-fresh roots rock, arborial acrobatics, Buddhist revels, and Broadway classics

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 08/06/2010
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Pickathon Founder Speaks Volumes

Indie Roots Music Festival founder Zale Schoenborn expounds on big ideas. Edited by Anne Adams.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 08/04/2010
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PDX POP NOW: What Pops Out

Culturephile’s culls PDX POP NOW!’s catalogue for variety, excellence, momentum—and full disclosure.

  • By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams
  • Published 07/29/2010
Classicalrevolutionpdx quesoh

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TONIGHT! Pop vs Classical!

A war-room briefing.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 07/22/2010
Sand ewqmhs

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Weekend Picks

Sand, strippers, pastry, and playwrights!

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 07/16/2010
Caryblogpix xwrabc

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Cary Clarke’s First Official Summer

Former PDX Popper makes local music a municipal matter.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 07/13/2010
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Weekend Picks

Culturephile presents two blushing performance-art quinceañeras, a far-out Gypsy excursion, and a lawn-chair space odyssey

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 07/09/2010
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First Thursday Picks

Gallery openings explore many dimensions, and indie cult faves close the evening.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 06/30/2010
Rentlogo fshdt1

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Stumptown Stages gives Broadway classic a new lease.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 06/28/2010
Levi waj3f0

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5 Questions with Leviethan

Levi Cecil surfaces at PCS for a June residency.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 06/15/2010
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Pop Star Ping Pong War!

Local talent rallies to send one of their own to the Gay Games.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 06/10/2010
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We have finally recovered from the three day music fest. Can we please go back for more?

  • By Rachel Ritchie
  • Published 06/04/2010

Season Enders

Weekend Picks

Last chances, last dances, and an all-around hoot.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 06/04/2010

midweek picks


This week, culture can’t wait.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 06/02/2010

72 Hours

Wet Weekend Picks

Choreography, classical music, and campy antics

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 05/21/2010
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Concert Ticket Collecting

When to buy (now!) and what to see in the 503

  • By Joseph Manuel
  • Published 05/11/2010


The Antlers and Phantogram

Ready to Buy the Record

  • By Graham Bell
  • Published 05/04/2010
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