Behind the Scenes

Video: Behind the Scenes of Our Portlandia Shoot

Have a good look at the most fun photo shoot of the year.

12/20/2011 By Eden Dawn

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Portlandia: It's Ba-ack!

Our beloved IFC sitcom mock-u-ments the city’s glut of day-jobbing DJs and their relative scarcity of fans, then exposes our special breed of TV-watchi...

12/16/2011 By Anne Adams


Portlandia Abroad

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein take Portland’s quirky culture to the streets of Europe, India, and beyond in a pictorial sketch comedy.


Web Exclusive

Portlandia Abroad: Behind-the-Scenes

Our web exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein at our Portlandia Abroad fashion shoot offers a lighthearted look at the creative process.


Q & A

Portlandia Stylist Wins an Emmy

Local wardrobe stylist Amanda Needham gets a gold statue.

09/14/2011 By Eden Dawn

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Casting for Wild Flag Video & Portlandia

Is your mug up to snuff for these videos?

07/01/2011 By Eden Dawn

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Portlandia Season 1: Final Thoughts

Book-ending the discussion with two parallel sketches.

03/14/2011 By Anne Adams

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Portlandia: Over | Flyer Wars | Deuce Hotel

Some patterns emerge in the best and worst sketches.

03/01/2011 By Anne Adams

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Portlandia Renewed

IFC approves the Rose City lampoon for a second season.

02/14/2011 By Anne Adams

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Portlandia Premieres in NYC

We’ve hit the big time!

01/22/2011 By Randy Gragg

Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Bonfire Lounge

Warming up to the Bonfire

01/18/2011 By John Chandler

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Portlandia Premiere

Creator Carrie Brownstein and Director Jonathan Krisel weigh in on their new IFC series’ growing hype.

01/15/2011 By Anne Adams

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First Full Portlandia Episode!

Bookstore feminists, juvenile team sports, and organic farm forays. Watch it now!

01/13/2011 By Anne Adams

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Eat us, Portlandia!

Portlandia must be a glutton for Portland Monthly ’s punishment.

01/11/2011 By Anne Adams

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Portland, Meet Portlandia.

The new SNL-affiliated show saddles Portland with "The Dream Of The 90s," but hopefully not the nightmare.

12/19/2010 By Anne Adams

PDX Index

PDX Index: Portlandia

How many stylists, pigeons and undersized sweaters did the creators of _Portlandia_ need to skewer Portland?

12/16/2010 By Georgia Perry