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toxic turkey

Review: The Pain and the Itch

Third Rail Repertory’s Thanksgiving play challenges lip-service liberals to become better listeners.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 10/24/2011

rights of passage

Review: Gem of the Ocean

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 10/19/2011

capital old chaps

Review: No Man’s Land

William Hurt and his son drink like fish and spar like strangers in this terse Pinter play.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 10/13/2011

for the birds

TBA 2011: Whispering Pines

Moulton and Hallett go exploring…but end up back at square one.

  • Published 09/13/2011

more than bargained for

TBA 2011: ©ardiff

How David Eckard’s "carnival barker" character, and TBA lookie-loos, got their mettle sorely tested by a drunk bystander.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 09/10/2011


Review: Mamma Mia

5 carefully chosen words for a musical that’s obviously found its audience.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 08/24/2011


Review: Trek in the Park

Intrepid Portland Monthly intern Griffin Funk takes a Trek to Woodlawn Park to see what all the buzz is about.

  • By Griffin Funk
  • Published 07/25/2011


Review: Mary Poppins

5 magic moments, 5 child-pleasers…and a caution to Poppins purists.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 07/03/2011


Review: Reasons To Be Pretty

This Coho Theater production delivers the most realistic lovers’ quarrels, and the lowest dose of surprise. If you like theater that "keeps it rea...

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 05/30/2011


Review: Cherry Orchard

Artist Rep’s The Cherry Orchard nestles neatly between Chekhov’s original comedic intent, and Richard Kramer’s modern "meta" flair.

  • By Philip Gaudette
  • Published 05/17/2011


Barak Marshall

The award-winning Israeli choreographer of MONGER talks about storytelling, overcoming ethnic tensions, and helping audiences "get" dance.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 05/14/2011

weekend plans

Best Mother’s Day Dates

Entertaining Mom this weekend? Check this handy guide to find the best fit.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 05/05/2011


TBA 2011: First Acts Announced

Slo-mo car crashes, 3-D animation, an interactive jumproom and a Jimmy Swaggart impersonator, are just the first few things on tap for TBA.

  • By The Culturegang
  • Published 05/03/2011


Review: Opus

Portland Center Stage’s latest play says a bit about chamber music—but a lot more about people.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 04/21/2011


Review: Ten Reasons To See Billy Elliot

This tap-dancing, tear-jerking Broadway favorite has a lot going for it.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 04/09/2011


Review: Jack Goes Boating

Artists Rep’s latest makes a feel-good spring splash.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 03/24/2011


Plot Tease: Futura

Culturephile reveals a few of Futura ’s best twists.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 03/23/2011


Review: On The Eve of Friday Morning

Fruit, nuts, and Persian food-for-thought from Oregon Children’s Theater.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 03/15/2011


Review: The Scene

This stunning portrait of mid-life disillusionment transcends any single "scene." Culturephile gives it a standing ovation.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 03/10/2011


Turandot: A Multi-Faceted Gem

Portland Opera’s latest offering is a sublime visual stunner, but the story has two sides.

  • By Anne Adams
  • Published 02/07/2011
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