Ashley G and Drew

Finally, high-brow art for bearded people

October 1, 2008

Usually I’m obsessing over music, but for the past couple weeks (ever since a nifty little flier made its way to my desk) I’ve been spending a lot of time at the website of local artists Ashley G and Drew. Here’s the link to their little corner of the Internets:

To each his own, obviously, but I really dig the beautiful and playful work the couple is doing. Although on the surface they’re mostly just simple, yet colorful illustrations on weathered-looking paper, there’s something lovingly ramshackle and intimate about each of the images. And plus, most of the male figures have beards, which, considering the current state of my face, is something I wholeheartedly endorse.

My personal favorite is "A Look Only You Would Understand" since the two subjects remind me of how myself and my ladyfriend look when we make our weekly trip to George’s on Interstate. I frequent Last Thursday on Alberta every month in the hopes that I’ll find a nice slice of local art worthy of my walls at home. Luckily, this time Ashley G and Drew found me.

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