If We Can’t Get Along, Let’s Get It On

Governor God vs. Senator Foot In Mouth

October 1, 2008

On Thursday night the Laurelhurst Theatre is premiering what promises to be the slap-your-knee-and-blow-a-little-snot-bubble most hilarious televised event of the year: Sarah Palin’s debate debut in St. Louis. Yes, it’s a watch party for the Vice Presidential showdown between Palin and Joe Biden. And while after the uncomfortable hilarity provided by her Katie Couric interview it’s easy (like, Paris Hilton easy) to make fun of Miss Alaska, I’m equally uneasy about how Biden is going to perform. Will he call her “broad?” “Sweetcakes?” “Sugarlips?” Between Palin’s deft ability to dodge questions and hit her talking points like she was hitting her marks in a Broadway production of “Guys & Dolls & Bulldogs,” and the distinct possibility that Biden’s head may explode in a fit of wide-eyed frustration, this is exactly the kind of event that’s perfect for group viewing.

Doors open at 5. Show starts at 6. More Info

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