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October 27, 2008

Famed comic author Neil Gaiman talks about the upcoming adaptation of “Coraline,” the stop-motion animation film made right here in Portland.

A writer from Spin magazine reflects on local musical legend Elliott Smith, who died five years ago last Tuesday.

The local pop-tronica act (pictured above) gained some new fans over the weekend with their steller set at New York’s CMJ Music Marathon. Among them, USA Today’s “Pop Candy” blogger who raved that:

“With a name like that, I can’t imagine Starf***er is really in it for the publicity. I also didn’t know too much about these Portland rockers before I saw them perform, so I was pleasantly surprised by their songs, which can begin with experimental and electronic beats but often blossom into melodic pop ditties that put a smile on your face and make you wanna sing. If you’re a Flaming Lips fan, check ’em out, though many influences collide, from ’60s pop to Daft Punk.”

They’re playing at the Someday Lounge on November 21. Tickets and more info are on our Events Calendar

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