In which a friend of mine gets an email from THE Pete Townshend.

December 3, 2008

So, real quick cool story.

The ladyfriend works with a girl named Kelly. Kelly is, perhaps, more of a music geek than I am. In particular she loves the Brit-Pop. She collects photos and runs web groups and even corresponds with some of the fixtures that dominated London’s Mod years.

So, anyway, earlier this year in coordination with some festival for the dearly departed ex-Faces bassist Ronnie Lane, Kelly planned a trip to England. She noticed that during the dates she would be in Jolly Ol’ Pete Townshend (the godlike guitar genius behind The Who) would be celebrating his birthday. Kelly, being the lovable nerd she is, decided that since she already knew (somehow) where Pete lived, she would make him a birthday present. In this case a lovably dysfunctional scarf (it was her first knitting project ever, you see).

On the given day she and a friend took the Tube to Townshend’s pad and left a small package on his doorstep. In it was the scarf and a picture with a note on it giving her email address. The idea was to let Pete put a face to the gift so he wouldn’t think a crazy person had soaked a scarf in cyanide or something. (Because crazy people don’t leave gifts on strangers doorsteps…)

And that was it. A sweet gesture from a devout fan. That is until yesterday when Kelly got an email from…PETE EFFING TOWNSHEND. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! Pete just wanted to say thanks for the scarf and to thank her knitting it for him.

How awesome, right? The lesson here is: When stalking your idol in a foreign country, knitted scarves work WAY better than creepy "we should be together" poetry and posterboard signs made with your own hair.

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