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It looks like we’ll be snowed in this weekend, which, all told is kind? of an awesome thing

December 17, 2008


The Darkness “Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)”—because holiday rockers make us merry.


?It looks like we’ll be snowed in this weekend, which, all told is kind? of an awesome thing. Unless, like me, you live in one of those “emerging ?neighborhoods”—code for “kind of scary and culturally desolate”— ?and you think watching meth heads fight in front of the Plaid ?Pantry counts as cultural enrichment.

So while I’m watching the toothless fisticuffs, those within walking distance of the Clinton Street Theater should slide, skate, and ski their way over for a neat history lesson. Because tonight’s 9:30? showing of a Pink Floyd concert film from 1970 should remind us (or ?prove for the first time) that before they were bloated prog-rock ?monsters, they were an awesome, experimental outfit that changed the way ?we listened to music. Filmed before they truly hit the big time (at ?least on this side of the ocean), the movie captures a band at the? height of their drug-addled powers. It has absolutely nothing to do with? Christmas. A week away from the big day, that’s totally fine with us.??


Assuming you’re like most people you will spend the majority of the next?week on your butt. And that’s cool, but maybe you’d prefer a good ?long sit listening to some beautiful music as opposed to stuffing your ?pie-hole. If that’s the case, then tonight’s 7:30 performance of ?Handel’s complete Messiah is the kind of butt-numbing experience you can ?be proud of.

If a rousing rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus” doesn’t ?awaken your dormant seasonal spark, nothing will. The Portland Baroque Orchestra’s annual? full-scale, three-hour performance of the Handel classic will be ?augmented by the heavenly voices of Cappella Romana.??


?My family has a rather odd holiday tradition. On the night of Christmas ?Eve we bundle up, hop in the automobile, and make our way around our? widely-strewn town to make fun of holiday lights. Not all of them, mind? you. Just the ones that deserve a good tongue lashing from behind the? safety glass of a moving vehicle. You know the type…houses with?mismatched lights, those tacky blue lights, the even worse icicle-shaped? lights, any decoration with moving parts, live nativity scenes. (Okay,?we’re picky and perhaps sick.)

Luckily, the folks who put together the? Christmas Ships on the Willamette have a little bit better taste. For? more than fifty years, the fleet has twinkled in local harbors, lighting?sea and shore alike with holiday cheer. The Yuletide armada of fifty to? sixty pleasure crafts will glimmer nightly at various sites along the?Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Tonight, starting at 5 they’ll sail from?downtown to St. Johns. It should be a sight safe from ridicule.

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