Birth. School. Work. Death.

Welcome back to hell fellow workers.

January 6, 2009

(That poor upside-down skier? He’s the second link below, read on for more!)


Is there anything worse than the dull stomach punch of heading back to work after the blissful holiday malaise?

Paper cuts to the eyeball? Removing your toe nails with a pair of pliers? Sitting through Two And A Half Men?

What I’m trying to say, see, is that punching the clock after spending two weeks punching the snooze button bites it. Big time.

Apparently though, the key to coping is screaming.

A scientist in England (okay, okay…the psychologist from the UK version of Big Brother) says that the healthiest thing one can do in the face of post-holiday depression is to throw a wide-eyed, red-faced tantrum.

When your co-workers stare in horror at your kicking, crying, and hollering, just tell them it’s therapy. If, however, you’re not brave enough to try this technique in your office and are forced to swallow your burning cauldron of hate, just remember: At least you’re not THIS guy.
(Link contains blurry male buttocks, but you’ll be laughing too hard to get offended)

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