Gone for Good?

(it’s a Shins song title. get it? huh?)

March 25, 2009

Pretty big news from the local music world today. The Shins, Portland’s adopted pop-rock heroes, have left the label that helped make them famous, Seattle’s Sub Pop.
Well, actually, maybe “left” is a strong word. Their contract with Sub Pop was up, meaning that they could release their next record (which they’re currently recording) with anybody. It’s just that most of us assumed they’d stay with Sub Pop.

It’s anybody’s guess as to where the Shins will land. With massive bands like Radiohead and Pearl Jam putting out new music online or on their own imprints, and smaller bands like Grizzly Bear enjoying success on tinier labels like Warp, it’s not a sure thing that they’ll immediately jump to a major. But if they do, they’ll be only the second Portland band to currently be holding a major label deal. The move certainly paid off for The Decemberists whose second album for Capitol, The Hazards of Love, debuted this week at number fourteen on the charts.

And oh yeah…the Shins are playing two nights at the Crystal on May sixth and seventh.

On to the weekend:

We’ll admit that dance isn’t the kind of thing that gets our heart to pumping. In fact, the last time we attended such a performance was back in New York City when a show by Alvin Ailey somehow devolved into a sort of Chippendale’s striptease with more full-frontal than is usually legally allowed. But mention Tom Waits and we’re in.

Body Vox’s artistic directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland draw inspiration from the ballads of Waits and enlist the choreographic contributions of company members Eric Skinner, Daniel Kirk, Lane Hunter and Matt Hope in their new show, The Foot Opera Files. Featuring BodyVox’s signature blend of bodies, theatre, dance, and humor, “Foot Opera Files” will be accompanied live by the talented Portland Opera Studio Artists. More importantly, everybody will keep their clothes on.
[Bodyvox/7:30 p.m./$30-46]

Since arriving from Alabama in 2003, husband-and-wife duo Kevin and Anita Robinson (aka, Viva Voce), have shown an uncanny ability to craft first-rate dreamy pop, but also a much-needed sense of non-ironic optimism that makes songs such as “Alive With Pleasure” and “Wrecking Ball” so thoroughly satisfying. The band’s new album, Rose City (our in May), sounds like it could be a love letter to their adopted home town. In concert Viva Voce has expanded to a quartet, adding singer and guitarist Corrina Repp (Tu Fawning) and multi-instrumentalist Evan Railton (Blue Giant, Swords Project) to fill out it’s swooning sound.
[Aladdin Theater/9 p.m./$10]

You know what? I give up. Wicked. It’s everywhere. Sides of buses. Buildings. Advertisements. In my dreams. I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it. I surrender, you green, pointed-hatted harlot…I’ll be there.
[Keller Auditorium/1 p.m./$41-78]

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