May 19, 2009 Published in the April 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

Breakfast and beyond

While I enjoyed and agreed with most of your package regarding the best breakfast places in Portland, I was dismayed that you rated scrambles (“B Is for Bacon … and Breakfast,” March). The scramble is an ersatz omelet. Lazy/incompetent cooks make scrambles in lieu of an omelet. Rating the omelet’s bastard brother is akin to handing out medals in the Olympics to those that tried the hardest but failed to place. Would anyone in their right mind choose a scramble over a lovely omelet containing the same ingredients? Please do not encourage this culinary atrocity.

James Ng
Founder, Scramble Defamation League
Southeast Portland

I just picked up a copy of the March issue, and I have to say, I was so very impressed. Breakfast and boobs—perfect and brave. I was particularly moved by the story by Viva Las Vegas (“The Last Days of My Left Breast”). It was touching and beautifully written, and the design was superlative.

I was thrilled to see such great use of design and photos and storytelling, particularly in the face of such a strange economic climate.

Thank you.

Susan Seubert
Southwest Portland

You write articles on eating cheaply, but have no heading for buffets. You should list all of the restaurants that have a buffet, even if it is only for lunch. If you could include these in your already wonderful website and magazine, you would be serving a greater portion of your readership.

Brandon Johnstun
St. Helens

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