May 19, 2009 Published in the November 2008 issue of Portland Monthly


When we first moved to the Portland area three years ago, we immediately subscribed to Portland Monthly, seeing it as a great resource for learning about the region we now called home. Since then, issues have waxed and waned, some wonderful and others not so much, but that’s to be expected with any publication. Unfortunately, after the last few issues, we have come to realize that Portland Monthly is really geared to the “Keep Portland Weird” crowd and, as such, no longer even pretends to serve subscribers like us. Between the recent article extolling the virtues of gay parenting (“Mommies Know Best,” September), which tries to insinuate that my three teens are somehow at a disadvantage in their two-parent home, to the latest issue, which is all about being green (October), we’re done. Please cancel our subscription.

Janet Peterson
West Linn


I want to tell you how impressed I was with Stacey Wilson’s article (“Not in My Backyard,” October) on the Backyard Habitat program. She provided in-depth reporting on this complicated program and went beyond the superficial to delve into the deeper reasoning behind its development. This article is a watershed moment for Three Rivers in explaining the importance of our mission: involving private landowners in keeping our air clean, water clear, and nature close to home. We all can improve our local neighborhoods by taking considerate actions in our backyards. You helped us articulate that concept.

Jayne Cronlund
Three Rivers Land Conservancy
Lake Oswego


I’m shocked when something in a magazine gets my attention. The “Generation Next” fashion shoot (October) was phenomenal! The best thing I’ve seen in print in a long time. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!

Kurt Beadell
Southeast Portland

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