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Benny and the Jedis

The music of Star Wars comes to town

August 3, 2009

Almost caused an 18-car pile-up in front the Rose Garden on Friday when I veered into the giant Star Wars banner covering the front entrance of the arena.

Twelve stories of light sabers and jedis and Chewy and good ol’ Darth. If you haven’t checked it out it’s worth a drive over. The intergalactic beach blanket is to promote "Star Wars: In Concert," a massive geektacular undertaking which hits town on October 14. Apparently it’s some sort of symphonic tour that will highlight music from all six films which will accompany clips from the movies, as well as costumes and props from the historic sci-fi epic. Anthony Daniels—the voice of C3P0—emcees the whole she-bang.
Not since I climbed inside the fake cockpit of the fake Millenium Falcon at OMSI a few years ago has my inner child nearly peed himself so excitedly.

Try to hold your water when you check out this trailer:

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