Bobby Hacker says…BLOW UP THIS CAR!

meet Portland’s underground YouTube sensation

August 13, 2009

homegrown video genius Bobby Hacker (whose clips we usually can’t post here because he’s a funny, filthy little monkey, but you should totally check out at has done it again.

His latest clips stars local musician Rick Bain and for once he’s reaching an audience of people who don’t consider pedophile jokes and foul language to be comedy gold (i include myself in that group). It’s part of a bit Conan O’Brien is running on "The Tonight Show" where viewers send in clips explaining to the Great Red-Headed one why he should come to town and blow up their car.

Apparently Bain’s jalopy is worthy of destruction. It’s totaled on one side, the windows don’t work, the trunk is full of ghosts, and the stereo has a CD of fart songs stuck in the player. Ladies and gentlemen of late night television, I think we have your winner.

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