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August 18, 2009

Up on stage, even the indiest of rock stars acts like a god. Ruling the stage with a squealing guitar or a booming voice. The performer is in their element, totally in control while we sop the energy up like a biscuit.

But away from the spotlight, living the life of a touring musician can, often times, be a drag. Or at least a grind.

Sure there’s groupies and tons of comped-beer, but there are also plenty of hassles: A seemingly endless highway to travel, cramped vans to navigate, nasty couches to crash on, gnarly bathroom stalls in Nowhere, USA, bad road food, mental and mechanical breakdowns…oh yeah, and finally, the show. Where once again, the performer is a deity.

A new exhibit at the Fontanelle Gallery [205 SW Pine Street, 503-274-7668,] does a great job of encompassing all the glorious and grody aspects of "the life" in their new photography show, "The Art of Touring." It’s been compiled in conjunction with the Square Root Books/Yeti publication, "The Art of Touring" (natch!).

If you fancy yourself a burgeoning rock star, consider this a glimpse into your future. It looks a lot like this…

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