September 13, 2010 Published in the October 2010 issue of Portland Monthly

Online readers’ reactions to our August 2010 profile of the recently completed Harpoon House in Southeast Portland (The Simpler Life,) were both passionate and varied.

Beautiful, creative house! The house feels like part of the neighborhood, yet can serve as a personal retreat, too. And I definitely agree with having a good sink for toothbrushing. Congratulations, Matt and Katherine!
—Stephen L. Kirkpatrick

Part of the hood? This thing is an abomination, likely why the writer declined to interview neighbors or community members in this historic neighborhood who get to stare at this thing every day.
—Community Member

This structure is not an abomination unless your mind is stuck thinking that a house must have lots of wasted space, bad paint colors, and poor energy efficiency. Yes, I’ve seen this "historic" neighborhood for myself, and the only thing worth looking at was the Harpoon House. As this house ages it will begin to turn a silver gray and tone itself down—perhaps then it will be more acceptable to the historic standards?

I have lived in my home next door for 40 years, and it doesn’t bother me a bit!

What an inspiring project! It’s amazing to see all these innovative practices packing in to 700 square feet. Congrats to the young homeowners for taking such a big leap, and encouraging that living comfortably and efficiently can be done in an affordable fashion.
—D Strout

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