The Big 100 is Much Smaller After Opening Night

The Big 100 at the Goodfoot Lounge

July 24, 2012

One hundred artists each submitted fifteen 8×8-inch pieces for the third annual Big 100 at the Goodfoot Lounge. Organizers Chris Haberman (whose work was some of the evening’s most sought-after) and Goodfoot curator Jason Brown hung the pieces sans the name of the artist and title (though they were easily obtained by some eager shoppers by removing paintings from the wall and peeking at the back). Other popular artists with work on the walls include Misty Ray, Dennis Dread, Eryka Dean Ryn, Guy Burwell. Heather MacKenzie, Jason Brown, Rio Wrenn, and Mona Superhero

Brown estimated that between 150 and 200 paintings were sold in the first half-hour of the show. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Oregon Food Bank and Cascade AIDS Project.

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