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5 Things You'll Find at GeekCraft Expo PDX

With Game of Thrones-worthy gauntlets and Star Wars Carbonite art, the city’s 'Etsy-Meets-Comic Con' event returns June 10–11.

By Kelly Clarke June 1, 2017

Nerd wood designs 2 ujb2ni

Nerd Wood Designs's pop culture wall art. 

Makers and pop culture obsessives take note: June 10–11 brings the return of GeekCraft Expo PDX, an “Etsy-Meets-Comic Con” event that celebrates Pacific Northwest-made craftwork inspired by all things gaming, comics, movies, and TV.

The free, family-friendly expo, now in its second year—and part of a linked group of national GeekCraft events—takes over the DoubleTree in Lloyd Center with double the number of exhibitors from its inaugural year, hawking everything from caticorn plushies and candy-encrusted Captain America phone cases to Spock ear jewelry and paintings made from scrawled math equations. In advance of the hyper-specific fun, we asked GeekCraft’s co-founder and market curator Kimberly Matsuzaki for a sneak preview of some of her favorite wares slated to be sold.

FOR...Khaleesi Wannabes and +7 Charisma Seekers

Crystalsidyll gold dragonhide owj2ua

A pair of Crystal’s Idyll custom knitted ombre “Scale Maille Dragonhide” gauntlets.

Crystal's Idyll

Matsuzaki says: Crystal has devised her own method of creating scalemaille pieces: she knits the scales together with yarn instead of linking them with metal rings, creating dramatic pieces that are light and comfortable to wear! She also creates a gorgeous variety of hats, from fascinators to elaborate headdresses.

FOR...Arty "Han Shot First" Partisans

Truax designs c27lt4

One of Truax Design's Karbon Kast creations. The makers display many more "carbonite-inspired" works at their Oregon City gallery. 

Truax Designs

Matsuzaki says: West Linn/Oregon City’s Christopher Truax and Mark Boehly use a technique they call Karbon Kast (inspired by Star Wars' Han Solo being frozen in carbonite) to make incredible art and display pieces.

FOR...Sudsy Dark Siders

Nerd wood designs sf1kf2

Nerd Wood Design's Empire-approved beer caddies.

Nerd Wood Designs

Matsuzaki says: Josh Edwards, a self-taught woodworker, makes pieces that are fun and functional. A third-time GeekCraft Expo alumnus [who relocated to Portland], he brings something new to every show, and we can't wait to see what he's dreamed up for the PDX show!

FOR...Gamers with Idle Hands

Pierce pop art br9nmc

Pierce Pop Art's DIY kits. 

Pierce Pop Art 

Matsuzaki says: Fuse beads such as Perler beads are a staple at any geek show, since they can be used to create all kinds of pixellated pieces! Portland’s Pierce Pop Art offers finished pieces as well as DIY kits perfect for anyone from ages 4 to 99.

FOR...People Who Ace Movie Quote Quizzes and Also Really Like Those “Keep Calm And...” Posters

Crafted combined signs wywlqw

Powerful words and sneaky Harry Potter art from Crafted.


Matsuzaki says: Michelle Whisner, a veteran of our Midwest show, is trekking across the country from Wisconsin to bring her geeky brand of sass on reclaimed wood signs, tea towels, pillows, and more.

GeekCraft Expo PDX

11 a.m.–6 p.m. Sat, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Sun, June 10–11, DoubleTree Portland at Lloyd Center, FREE

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