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Local Mother's Day Gifts for Wine-Lovers

Be they mom-friend, sister-mom, fellow-mom, or mom-adjacent, we've got gifts for any fan of fermented grape juice.

By Michelle Harris April 7, 2022

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Oregonians have easy access to some of the best wines around and the possibilities for oenophiles are endless. From vessels to house your pinot, to bottles galore, we’ve got wine lovers covered.

WVV Insulated Wine Growler, Willamette Valley Vineyards Local


Look: In the life of a busy parent, almost everything requires a to-go option, and wine-swigging is no exception. So make this growler your bestie: it can come everywhere with you. This thing is vacuum insulated, to make sure your wine stays quaffable miles into your road trip or hike. Pop this open on a mountain top and celebrate!

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Wine Down Gift Basket, Glow Gifts Local


Image: Glow Gifts

You know what makes a good bottle of vino even better? Some funky, salty artisan cheese and rich dark chocolate with which to pair it. This gift basket from Glow Gifts has everything from sweet and salty hazelnuts, cheese snacks, dried fruit, and—you guessed it—wine. You can also choose from a few different sizes— medium for the “I’mma eat it all myself,” all the way up to “I’m bringing my Golden Girls” deluxe.

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Star Themed Wine Charms, Morgan's Store Local


We’ve all been there—you leave your glass of wine unattended for 30 seconds only to return and find that it’s been whisked away (or perhaps devoured). Rest assured, these handmade wine charms from local artist Morgan Steward are not only festive, bringing some bling to your stemware, but will help you identify your glass so much easier than the lipstick stains.

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The Union Wine Co. Glass, North Drinkware Local


An Oregon-inspired rendition of the typical tumbler, this 6-ounce glass is etched with a mini 3-D scene of Mount Hood and Amity Vineyards. Handmade by North Drinkware, this tumbler is also, miraculously, dishwasher-friendly, and you get a prime view of our favorite mountain when you drain your glass. Win!

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Two Bottle Tote, Bar Norman Local


Image: Bar Norman

Headed out for a Mother’s Day picnic? Or just generally need bright things in your your mom's life? Gift this bright and funky canvas wine tote (along with two bottles, natch) designed by Portland artist Chloe Cox, with an important reminder to drink quality wines. Sold by exquisite neighborhood winery Bar Norman, the tote has a divider to protect the two 750 ml bottles of wine you must store therein. Bonus: You can pick those up at Bar Norman too! 

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Pink Corkscrew, Portland Wine Company Local


What is the one thing wine drinkers require beyond all others? OK fine, after wine. A way INTO the wine, that's what. Enter Portland Wine Company's pink corkscrew, the perfect, pleasing, yet practical present. It doesn't get more alliterative than that. 

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