In an effort to be equal in our sports coverage, it’s worth pointing out that, if you haven’t heard, Oregon State is just two wins away from a Rose Bowl trip after their workmanlike 34-21 win over Cal.

The ladyfriend and I have shared a collective crush on Oregon State’s Smurf-sized running back Jacquizz Rodgers since he lit up USC a few weeks back and the 5-foot-nothing fireplug did it again on Saturday against the Bears, doing his best Emmanuel Lewis and Walter Payton impersonation and racking up 144 yards.

I have dated into a split household. Half of the ladyfriend’s family roots for the Ducks, the other half screams for the Beavers. And although I usually miss the Civil War game (my beloved Razorbacks usually have their annual cranium buster against LSU on the same day), I may just have to put my Hog hat aside this year and tune in for what should be the rare meeting of O and O-State with both regional and national meaning.

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