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Just when January’s relentless gray drizzle threatens to reduce us all to sorrowful puddles, a splash of color and whimsy arrives in the form of the Divine Performing Arts Company. Since 2006, this New York–based troupe has toured the world, bringing the pageantry of the Chinese New Year to audiences of every age and nationality. With over a hundred performers and musicians, the vivid two-hour program includes Chinese instrumental music, joyous dance, and traditional songs of celebration. One highlight is the Yi ethnic dance, performed by girls from Southern China outfitted in long, brilliantly hued skirts and accompanied by mesmeric Eastern melodies. The group also will act out a lighthearted scene based on the story of Ji Gong, a monk who crashes a wedding and kidnaps the bride to save a village from disaster. “These are special performances never seen by most Americans,” says company spokesperson and former member Vina Lee. Let this burst of cherry-blossom red serve as an inoculation against the impending onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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