Year local landowner J.B. Stephens buried his father in what eventually became Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland’s first official cemetery


Price of a burial plot at Lone Fir in 1866


Price of an adult gravesite and temporary concrete marker today


Maximum fine an Oregon court may impose for defacing a historic gravesite


Rental cost for a white Cadillac hearse from Autumn Funerals, Cremation & Burial


Approximate number of volunteers who served at Lone Fir Cemetery’s annual Tour of Untimely Departures on Halloween night, 2009


Score needed to pass the Oregon embalmer funeral-service exam


Toxins used to produce a biodegradable, sustainably harvested “natural” casket from Portland Natural Caskets


Average price of modern Egyptian-style mummification


Degrees Fahrenheit at which humans must, by law, be refrigerated 24 hours after death

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