Wearshare Friendship Bracelets
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All right, so maybe you don’t have the type of person on your list that wants a dress or cufflinks. Does that person still even deserve a gift? Oh, they do? Well how about this round up of our twelve favorite gifts under $100. Everything from an amethyst bottle topper for a hostess to a rad iPhone charger/stand that turns your gadget into a working clock. We’ve got something for everyone, take a spin.

Our twelve ideas include:
1. Wearshare Friendship Bracelets
2. PocketToolX MAKO Titanium Bike Tool
3. Tanner Goods Camera Strap
4. ShapesColors Native Quilt Pillows
5. Brittany Powell Set of 4 Trees Cocktail Napkins
6. Bons Enfants Eco-Friendly Crochet Reindeer Hat
7. The Cdock
8. AKAI Professional LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard
9. Oscar the Dog
10. Big Sur Sage & Siskiyou Cedar Sachets
11. Rablabs Lia Bottle Stopper Amethyst
12. Trilobite Sake Set by Meghan Chalmers-McDonald

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Guide Assembled by Maya Attar

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