The final night of FashionXT was devoted to something near and dear to my heart – pretty dresses. Local designer Stephanie D. Couture and almost winners from Project Runway Goga by Gordana Gehlhausen and Michael Costello showed spring collections. At the last minute, a second local designer, Silvania, had to drop out due to a family emergency. However, with the massive collections these three sent down the runway it was by no means a short show. How did the three stack up?


FashionXT Show and Market Location

Vigor Industrial Shipyard, Swan Island
5555 N. Channel Ave. 
Portland OR 97217 

Designer: Stephanie D. Couture 

What I loved: Couture’s demographic is the bridesmaid and special occasion customer looking for a dress for a wedding or event. She showed several realistic potential dresses for the Portland customer needing an outfit in an array of well chosen colors.

Hoping to be helpful: The separates did not give off the same classic feeling of the dresses in the collection. They felt less expensive and of a different aesthetic. I’d say cut them or redesign them to align more.


Designer: Goga by Gordana Gehlhausen (season 6 of Project Runway)  

What I loved: Gehlhausen was a flair for high end resort with her printed looks seemingly right at home in Cannes or relaxing on a yacht with attractive rich people who’d pass right by Portland in their lovely flowy dresses.

Hoping to be helpful: The printed looks popped, but the solid ones felt far less interesting by comparison. And that green thing has got to go.


Designer: Michael Costello (season 8 of Project Runway)

What I loved: Costello creates looks that are how women want to see themselves. Effortlessly chic, incredible glamorous floating down the runway with onlookers gawking. At least, it’s how I want to see myself. The king of draping, Costello’s aesthetic and technique continuously propels forward since leaving the show at an impressive trajectory.

Hoping to be helpful: If he needs a muse, I’ll gladly come hang out in the studio trying on any and all combinations of gold lame´.

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