Madonna before we Aveda-erized her.

This month Aveda launched the grown up digital version of paper dolls. Instead of taking your little paper person and carefully folding clothes over it, you can upload a pic of yourself and play for hours on end trying on new hairstyles from the comfort of your couch. Designed as both a free iPad app and available from the computer the My Aveda Makeover program lets you play with a variety of hairstyles and then customize colors, highlights and lowlights.

To take it for a test drive we took the ever-changing Madonna and gave it a go with a few different styles the icon has yet to try. Once you nail down a look you love for yourself (or a friend/family member/poodle), pop into any of Portland’s Aveda locations to make the mock up a reality. You can also show your grandmother a picture of what she would look like with a purple bob which is reason enough to indulge.

Details of the My Aveda Makeover App:

When using the My Aveda Make-Over iPad app users can:
*Try new looks on a model image or upload their own photo
*Choose an Aveda hair style or select a gallery look from other users to try on
*Experiment with a variety of hair colors or receive hair color recommendations

Features of the Aveda iPad app include:
*Aveda Salon locator
*Guest discount offer to be redeemed in salon
*Live chat with Aveda experts for all things beauty, including style, skin care and makeup
*A sharing feature to allow users, stylists and friends to upload favorite photos to the gallery
*One-touch access to the Aveda mobile website for additional content and easy-to-use shopping
*Seamlessly syncs with the user’s existing account to archive favorites, products and photos


Her Madgesty after we cook up some new looks.

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