It’s no secret that a large portion of the city is obsessed with their iPhones. wandering around the streets staring at their glowing screens with jaws slack, drool half coming out as we scroll through Instagram and respond to emails.

Toast’s cute laser cut iAccessories allow you to at least look stylish as your zombie strut around town with a customizable wood wrap made from ebony, ash, walnut, or bamboo.

The thin adhesive covers:
•Personalize your iPhone
•Add grip
•Protect the back
•Easy to apply - peel and stick
•Peels off cleanly, leaves no residue on phone
•If you are careful, these covers are reusable.

Win a cover from the local company that uses only renewable energy and donates one percent of sales to environmental non-profits by filling out this form. Or, if you’re too eager to wait, snap up one of their iPhone, iPad, or iMac covers for a low price at their online shop.

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