Saturday’s Alley 33 fashion show was stellar.

From the A-list crowd (hello Mayor Hales and his beautiful independent fashion supporter wife Nancy) to the double bar area to the gleeful young fashionistas, the Alley 33 producers showed what the growing movement of Portland fashion is doing. Beyond the tradition of a single designer sewing in their basement, these lines were about proving small manufacturing here can, and does, exist.

Stand out pieces for the evening included graphic print dresses from up-and-coming line Mag-Big, Lizz Basinger’s sexy, tailored ensembles, and Make it Good’s details (special nod to Au Clothing’s show flair). The overall group proved ambitious, but sellable, in a businesslike manner sometimes not remembered by young companies.

Well done Alley 33 crew, well done.

Designer Lineup:
Au Clothing
Sara Bergman
Sarah Bibb for Folly
Aniela Parys Designs
Clair Vintage Inspired
Carolyn Hart
Lift Label
J. Calderon
Lizz Basinger
Under the Root
Make It Good


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