"Does vegan pizza exist? Is there a place in Portland that serves it? Is it just bread and sauce and a few mushrooms, or what?"

I couldn't tell you exactly how many questions I've fielded about plant-based pizza, but it's somewhere between several and a million. And while it's wonderful that Portland houses so many veg*ns, dairy-free folk, and curious omnivores, all this pizza talk was cutting into time that could be better spent, say, cutting into another hot slice of deep-dish. Thus, the Definitive Guide to Portland's Vegan Pizza. 

For the record: yes, vegan pizza is very real. Yes, it's available in Portland—at more than two dozen locations, in fact. As for the toppings, they vary widely, from Lonesome's spicy Ethiopian pie to Hammy's zesty Greek Vegan and Dove Vivi's Corn Cashew. There's even cheese—while omnivores stick with mozzarella, vegans choose between housemade delights like herb tofu ricotta, red pepper cashew spread, and nut-based parmesan.

Rather than declare a winner, this slide show uses a handy rubric to help each herbivore find her perfect pie. Looking for a quick slice? Delivery? Gluten-free crust? Daiya (or anything but Daiya)? It's all inside.

(Note: every ingredient mentioned is vegan, so don't be tricked by words like "cheese" and sausage")

Which plant-based pizza is your favorite? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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