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Rally's super-meaty pepperoni pie

Seriously good pizza and frozen custard in a spruced-up Vancouver strip mall? Thank Alan Maniscalco, who manned the ovens at Southeast Portland’s Ken’s Artisan Pizza for a decade, and his wife, pastry ace Shan Wickham. The duo’s stylish, spacious new family haunt, Rally Pizza, boasts a host of reasons to cross the Columbia.

Punchy fennel-chile-garlic oil is drizzled on crispy, char-blistered Neapolitan-style pies with bright marinara and house-cured meats. Caesaresque, crumb-and-Parm-showered salads join the metro area’s most overachieving vegetable platter, roasted in the pizza oven and slicked with vibrant sauces, orange miso to harissa. Wickham’s impossibly rich vanilla frozen custard, served in heaping sundaes or whizzed up with house sweets for proper midwestern concretes (a.k.a. Blizzards), cap it all off.

Plus, a perk nearly no quality Portland pizzeria can claim: lots and lots of parking.

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