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Nola Doughnuts

Image: Kelly Clarke

Get sweet at Nola Doughnuts

Got an errand in Lake Oswego? Make a detour at this suburban dough slinger, which pairs New Orleans inspiration with PDX toppings for craggy fritters and tall, croissant-y layered doughnuts adorned with overwhelmingly salty-sweet Cajun maple and bacon.

Check out burgers and fries you've never heard of at Nomad's Ash Bar 

Hiding behind a door inside modern tasting menu project Nomad: a tiny, shimmering chamber serving modern snacks and cocktails. Best find so far is the mini, miso-spiced “Umeboshi Burger,” served in a spot-on onion bun. In the middle: crunchy squash slaw brightened with the umami of umeboshi, Japan’s salty Japanese plum. On the side are the fries we crave: long, hot, full of good potato flavor, and righteously salty.

Crunch into Somali sambusas at the Woodstock Farmers Market

Khadro Adbi, owner of Alleamin Products, sets up shop each Sunday at the Woodstock Farmers Market to vend her $2 Somali sambusas. Close cousins to Indian samosas, these fried triangles of dough come stuffed with lentils, potatoes, sweet onions, and jalapeño heat, and are served with basbas, a green chile hot sauce.

Sip coffee and cocktails at Shalom Y’All

If it’s hot out, order the Turkish Delight Slushy, a constantly churning, low-proof blend of house limoncello, Ceylon tea, and flowery orange blossom water. Cold and rainy? Opt for a proper Turkish coffee, brewed in a copper pot with sugar, and poured thick and unfiltered into a glass. 

Sop up seafood stew at Laurelhurst Market 

Plump Puget Sound mussels get the late-summer treatment in a broth of tomato, garlic, white wine, and smoked paprika. Don’t forget to request bread to help mop up the chuggable stew.

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