No self-respecting Portlander would be caught dead with a pink “The Magic is in the Hole” box. Here's where to get your fried fix instead.

Blue Star

Fancy-ass brioche rounds drizzled with luscious glazes—blueberry bourbon basil to horchata—that taste as good as they look on Instagram. The hard apple cider fritter is a craggy masterwork.

Pip’s Original

Small, crisp, and fried-to-order, every magma-hot bite is twee heaven. Purists, order raw honey and pink sea salt; baroque souls, get thee a Dirty Wu.


Bare-bones excellence, served in a strip mall shop clogged with downtowners grabbing two dozen Baker’s Mixed for the office before work. There’s no better blueberry cake round or bear claw.


Classic treat central, from dense buttermilk bars to tender glazed applesauce cakes. The cafe’s funky molded plastic yellow booths have hosted three decades worth of local keisters.

180 Xurros*

Feather-light, cinnamon-sugar dusted cylinders of crunch perfection served with drinking chocolate for the dunking/slurping. Thanks, Spain!

* Editor's Note: 180's original NE Broadway location has closed, but owners are on the hunt for a new space.

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