We asked three Portland writers for brand-new short stories. The theme: “that summer.” The only rule: set the story in the Northwest. Add fresh poems from three top local poets, and start your summer reading here.

In This Feature:

The Buried Forest: A Short Story by Margaret Malone

“The only other person on the beach gets closer. Hey, I know her. It’s that weird chick from the bakery who used to do that creepy thing with her eyebrows.”

07/12/2016 By Margaret Malone

Night Air: A Short Story by David Shafer

“And I liked the Oregon license plate. Seriously. That tree. It reminded me of an air freshener, like Oregon was being clever.”

07/12/2016 By David Shafer

Blackberries: A Short Story by Diana Abu-Jaber

“Their whole honeymoon had been like that. Brilliant sunlight, Mount Hood in the distance, crisp as a paper cutout.”

07/12/2016 By Diana Abu-Jaber

3 New Poems by Top Portland Poets

Fresh verse from Anis Mojgani, Elyse Fenton, and Samiya Bashir.

07/12/2016 By Anis Mojgani, Elyse Fenton, and Samiya Bashir