Every summer, we ask local medical providers to log into our annual peer survey and answer a burning question: who are the people they turn to when their families need care, or when they themselves got sick? The resulting answers are tallied up, and what’s here represents those who garnered roughly the top 5 to 10 percent of votes. We also keep extra slots for some some of the most commonly called-upon categories, like gastroenterologists and ob-gyns.)

Our survey is far from perfect: people who work for large medical groups where lots of coworkers are familiar with their work definitely have an edge, for example, and our list of specialties doesn’t capture everyone. But the names here are a great starting point for when you find yourself asking who you want to have looking after your family.

Are you a provider looking to take a survey? Look for the surveys to open in summer 2022.

Our list of top medical providers is chosen by a survey of their peers. Click here to learn more about our methodology.

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