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Eating disorder treatment specifically tailored for children and young adults

Kartini Clinic is a specialized pediatric eating disorder treatment program providing coordinated medical and mental health treatment for children and young adults. We assist primary care pediatricians and therapists to diagnose and treat all forms of disordered eating in children and young adults.

Our services include:

  • “rule out” consults, providing your pediatrician with our expert advice
  • medical stabilization (inpatient treatment)
  • day treatment
  • outpatient medical and therapeutic care
  • tailored aftercare


How do you know if your child needs eating disorder treatment?

The most important first step in any treatment is a proper diagnosis. Because of the complex and poorly understood nature of eating disorders this step is often the most error prone. We work closely with parents and pediatricians to rule out the presence of an eating disorder. If the diagnosis of an eating disorder is appropriate, we immediately establish severity of symptoms and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

How do I know treatment will work?

No treatment program can be guaranteed to work for every child, but at Kartini Clinic we have a proven track record of prompt and adequate weight restoration, shown to be the single most important clinical predictor of long term recovery. In a recent outcome study over 92% of our patients achieved their weight restoration goals while in our day treatment program.

What makes Kartini Clinic different from other programs?

Effective treatment of eating disorders in children requires years of clinical experience. Kartini Clinic’s multi-disciplinary staff of board-certified pediatricians and licensed therapists is one of the most experienced in the country, with over 2100 patients diagnosed and treated since 1998.

We take an evidence-based, family-centered approach to the treatment of eating disorders. As parents ourselves, we understand the tremendous strain these illnesses can place on the entire family. At Kartini Clinic we practice only family-centered eating disorder treatment, a method shown to be more effective in children than alternatives that stress “independence” and/or the need for children to “want to get better”. We also train and support parents to understand their role in their own child’s treatment and recovery.

Our program delivers individualized care in an age-appropriate environment, with supervised meals and activities designed to secure lasting medical and psychological recovery, enabling your family to resume the life you enjoyed before the illness struck your child. And perhaps most importantly: