In late 2008, a gritty east-side shop called Bunk launched Portland’s sandwich revolution with one devastating pork-belly Cubano. Six years later, it seems everyone is transforming handcrafted credos into soul-warming (some might say life-changing?) surprises. What follows is a style guide to Portland’s sandwich state of mind, from exacting breads and wild condiments to banishing the rule book altogether.

In This Feature:

Five Portland Sandwiches Made with Killer Bread

Artisan bakery loaves, custom-ordered rolls, and an “I Baked It My Way” mindset aren’t merely options in Portland. They’re the law.

03/03/2014 Edited by Karen Brooks

Five Phenomenally Meaty Portland Sandwiches

Portland meats are serious business: smoked, brined, and charcuterized. (They don’t call us Porkland for nothing.)

03/03/2014 By Karen Brooks

String Beans, Coffee Mayo, and Chocolate: Five Portland Sandwiches That Break All the Rules

The coup de grace on a true, Stumptown-style sandwich? A renegade cry of “Anything goes!”

03/03/2014 By Karen Brooks

Jalapeño Pickles to Raspberry Jam: Five Portland Sandwiches with Crazy-Good Condiments

To cut the mustard in Pickle Town, it is advisable to craft your own artisan extras.

03/03/2014 By Karen Brooks

Vegan Grilled Cheese to Buttery Sausage Biscuits: Five Portland Sandwiches Built on Obsession

Passion unbound, no apologies: that’s the secret ingredient to sandwich happiness.

03/03/2014 By Karen Brooks

Five Ways Portland Redefines the Hamburger

What can a burger be? Meet these revolutionary takes.

03/03/2014 By Karen Brooks