Beer Bulletin

Vote Early (and Often)

Asheville, Shmashville. Portland is Beer City USA!

05/01/2012 By John Chandler

Beer Bulletin

Brew Days Rising

A bounty of beer fests on the horizon

04/26/2012 By John Chandler

Best of the City

Best of the City 2012: Drinks & Nightlife

Drinks, dancing, dive bars, drag queens, and karaoke without judges: Portland's nightlife nook is full to bursting.


Happy Hour

The YOLO Lowdown

Swanky lounge offers Happy Hour at premium prices.

04/13/2012 By Mac Pogue

Rocking The Clubs

Karaoke From Hell

How a gritty cover band set the standard for nightlife in Portland

04/12/2012 By John Chandler

Beer Bulletin

Can-Do Attitude

Actor Adrian Grenier joins Portland’s Justin Hawkins to launch a pilsner in a flattop can.

04/11/2012 By Brandy Crowe

Go Here Now

Blackbird Wine & Atomic Cheese

Andy Diaz offers "Hours of Happiness" and has plans for the Pearl

04/03/2012 By Brandy Crowe

Food and Drink Festivals

Spring Spirits Guide

Spring is overflowing with festivities under glass.

03/29/2012 By Brandy Crowe

Mark Your Calendar

It’s a Wine…It’s a Beer…It’s Sake, Man!

Sake Fest Back in Portland

03/28/2012 By Sarah Moore

Beer Bulletin

Cartlandia Gets a Liquor License

Will the floodgates open? Not exactly.

03/19/2012 By Mac Pogue


St. Patrick’s Soirees

The holiday merriment will flow like Guinness in Portland.

03/14/2012 By Brandy Crowe

Consumer Query

Would You Drink This?

Spelling doesn’t count with Coole Swan—unless it’s a Yeats reference.

03/13/2012 By John Chandler

Beer Bulletin

What’s Up, Widmer?

Brewer Ben Dobler talks shop

03/09/2012 By Sarah Moore

Cocktail O'Clock

First Impression: Rum Club

A sipping spot for Dad—and everyone else

03/07/2012 By Kate Degenhardt

Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Uptown Billiards

A stylish Happy Hour where the eats can’t be beat

03/05/2012 By Sarah Moore

Beer Bulletin

Truth in Advertising

Trader Joe’s knows how to sell beer.

03/01/2012 By John Chandler

Bar Food

Snacking at Wafu

Appetizers mix familiar and exotic flavors

02/23/2012 By John Chandler

Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Bent Brick

Bent Brick does haute for less

02/22/2012 By Sarah Moore

Art Appreciation

Rothko: On the Rocks

Famed Portland artist gets multiple tributes—and a cocktail.

02/20/2012 By John Chandler

Current Events

Beer O’Clock for Brainiacs

Thinking+Drinking=Good Times

02/13/2012 By Sarah Moore