Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Hobnob Grille

Not so tropical, but the drinks are kickin’.

06/29/2009 By John Chandler

Rock the Clubs

Forever Fresh

I never knew I was a Young Fresh Fellow before.

06/23/2009 By John Chandler

Drink Locally

May I Drink with Danger?

Let’s hear about the scariest dives in Portland—and elsewhere.

06/19/2009 By John Chandler

Feelin' Sad

RIP Bob Bogle

Ventures guitarist passes at age 75.

06/16/2009 By John Chandler

Drink Locally

Still Stumbling

Can we handle the naked truth?

06/12/2009 By John Chandler

Lunch Music

Just Plain Folk

Are 12 Shades of Schwilly Silly the next big thing? Sure! Why not?

06/09/2009 By John Chandler

Culture Calendar

Weekend Wonders

A night at the Crystal, a day at the parade, and a graceful pas de deux

06/04/2009 By John Chandler

Summer Drinking

Lemonade Stand

Strawberries. Lemonade. And local vodka. I’m so there.

06/03/2009 By John Chandler

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Trees

Happy hour bounty in the heart of downtown.

05/29/2009 By John Chandler

High Art

A Little More MST3K

Cinematic Titanic makes waves this weekend.

05/27/2009 By John Chandler

Bottoms Up

Best Bars 2009

When the crack of cold creeps into the evening air and it's dark by dinner, we know it's time to re-acquaint ourselves with Portland's best bars. Snuggle into a booth, belly up to the bar, and while away some rainy nights.

05/19/2009 By Jill Davis, Stacey Wilson, Camas Davis, John Chandler, and Bart Blasengame With Brian Barker

Rock the Clubs

Slabtown Salute

Rockin’ fundraiser brings in the bucks for a local nonprofit.

05/19/2009 By John Chandler

Drink Locally

The Hawthorne Stumble Zone

Four bars in three blocks. What a trip!

05/14/2009 By John Chandler

Around Town

PB Art

The symbolism speaks for itself.

05/12/2009 By John Chandler

Pop Culture

Mystery Men

MST3K cast is coming to town for two nights of movie mayhem

05/05/2009 By John Chandler

Kudos, kudos

High Five For Jeffrey!

Playboy recognizes talent

05/04/2009 By John Chandler

R & R

What’s My Weekend?

All is not lost if the Blazers don’t go the distance


Cocktail Culture

Flower Power

A toast to St Germain


Drinking Locally

Clothes Minded

Nuts! I knew I should have rented a tux!


Smoking Ban

Smells Like Clean Spirit

After playing in smoky dives for the last 25 years, my lungs are breathing a sigh of relief.

04/13/2009 By John Chandler