Portland’s Famous Vegan BBQ Cart Finally Has a Brick-and-Mortar Location

Homegrown Smokehouse and Deli settles in next door to SW Jefferson's plant-based cheese shop.

12/03/2015 By Molly Woodstock


The Inside Scoop on Portland’s First Korean Food Festival

Local bigwigs, fusion specialists, and Beaverton institutions join forces for the city’s inaugural Korean food fest.

09/30/2015 By Katie Vaughan


Jim Gaffigan, Portland, and Food: a Love Story?

Six reasons why TV's king of clean comedy will find Portland a tasty stay.

07/16/2015 By Ramona DeNies


Inside Portland’s First Food Hall, Pine Street Market

The first details emerge on an ambitious, indoor food-and-drink pod opening downtown this fall.

01/14/2015 By Karen Brooks


Bring Some Scandinavian Holidays Home with Beaverton's Scandia Imports

Whether you've got roots in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland or simply love Nordic flavors, this sweet shop will stock you up.

12/16/2014 By Sara Rangel


Instacart Adds Green Zebra to Portland Home Grocery Delivery Service

The popular online shopping and one-hour delivery service just announced their first local partner.



2013 Tomato Tasting Festival

Dennis' Seven Dees 9th annual free Tomato Tasting Festival will showcase over 50 varieties—plus expert advice for next year's growing season.

09/05/2013 By Allison Jones


Taking Tapas to the Masses

Penelope Casas was the trailblazing food writer who brought Spanish tapas to our American tables.

08/19/2013 By Kristin Belz


Eating for the (Frank Lloyd) Wright Cause

Go to dinner and feel good about it by putting your money where your mouth is at the Gordon House annual benefit.

07/31/2013 By Kristin Belz


Food Fashions

Has kale reached overkill? A vote for cabbage to take over from kale on the hipster foodie table.

01/02/2013 By Kristin Belz


Eat Beat's News to Chew

Top food news stories from around Portland, including expanded brunch service at Portobello Vegan Trattoria and the debut of Cyril's at Clay Pigeon's urban winery.



Clean Slate From Brooklyn, NY

Slate quarried in the Empire State makes a perfect plate for Puddletown cheeses, or coaster for a cocktail.

11/27/2012 By Kristin Belz


Turkey Day Without the Turkey

Even vegans feast on Thanksgiving, but just without the meat and dairy products the pilgrims prepared.

11/18/2012 By Kristin Belz and Meaghan Morawski

Out and About

October 24 is National Food Day

In a foodie town like Portland, with so much to feast on, we might forget that not all of us get to enjoy that wonderful food.

10/23/2012 By Kristin Belz

Out and About

Fixing Lunch, with Bittman and Friends

Portland has its share of “foodies,” no doubt about it. Neighborhood chickens are a common sight. Crops bearing tomato and squash plants overflow from parking strips.

09/17/2012 By Kristin Belz

Food Lover's Guide

The Food Lover's Guide to Portland

You want it? We got it.


A Fond Farewell

Adios Amigos!

Bar Pilot is moving to Eat Beat

08/10/2012 By John Chandler

Market Watch

Local Chickpeas? Yes, Please!

Chickpeas pop in popularity, and proliferate in the fields of our neighbors in the Palouse region of Eastern Oregon and Washington.

08/07/2012 By Kristin Belz

Beer Bulletin

Welcome Team Pfriem!

Hood River's burgeoning brewing scene expands again.

07/26/2012 By John Chandler

Booze News

Alcohol Ban Plan Banished

OLCC says no to Alcohol Impact Areas

07/24/2012 By Hannah Doyle