You’ve seen their names scattered across menus around town: the rustic- and romantic-sounding farmers, ranchers, millers, and beekeepers who produce the ingredients Portland chefs love. But who exactly are these heroic suppliers to the city’s best restaurants? Use this fantasy menu of classic local dishes as your table of contents for our snapshots of Oregon’s most dynamic and ambitious food creators.

In This Feature:

After 25 Years, Sustainable Meat Pioneer Nicky USA Is Just Getting Started

The wild game distributors and ranchers have supplied the best local meats to local restaurants for the better part of three decades. Here's what's next.

10/19/2015 By Allison Jones

How Ayers Creek Farm Creates Tomorrow's Heirloom Ingredients

The Gaston-based couple stay busy selecting the fruits, vegetables, and grains on your future dinner plate.

10/19/2015 By Kelly Clarke

Bee Local is Saving Oregon Bees, One Rooftop Hive at a Time

Portland's "bee whisperer" Damian Magista brings a touch of local sweetness to kitchens around town.

10/19/2015 By Kelly Clarke

Oregon's DeNoble Farms Keeps its Organic Vegetable Secrets in the Family

How the farmers market favorite turned a hobby flower farm into a full-family business inspiring chefs around Portland.

10/19/2015 By Allison Jones

Camas Country Mill Brings the Wheat to Portland's Bakeries and Pizzerias

Meet the miller behind your favorite local slices, loaves, and bagels.

10/19/2015 By Kelly Clarke