Year after year, our state’s $3 billion craft beer industry produces the most inventive, authentic, experimental, and tasty beers anywhere. This month, Portland Monthly revels in our backyard beer mecca. We trace the story behind the law that made our craft beer revolution possible. We follow a local expert across the pond for some close encounters with wild yeast. We give you the skinny on beer bellies, Northwest hops, and the country’s only state-funded beer archive (it’s in Oregon, naturally). And, of course, we reveal our picks for the 25 best Oregon beers right now. To misquote a misquote, “Beer is proof that Oregon wants us to be happy!” Cheers.

In This Feature:

25 Oregon Beers We're Crushing on Right Now

From pils to porter, these local brews are calling.

06/22/2015 By Marty Patail

Portland's Best New Brewpubs, Bottle Shops, and Beer Haunts

These 11 beer halls, restaurants, and retail outlets have once again raised the bar for great drinking destinations.

06/22/2015 By Zach Dundas, Benjamin Tepler, Ramona DeNies, and Marty Patail

The Law that Changed Oregon's Beer Culture Forever

Thirty years ago, a political battle made the craft brew revolution possible.

03/08/2016 By Peter Holmstrom

The Rise of the Grapefruit IPA

Behold five local beers that could easily replace lemonade.

06/22/2015 By Brian Yaeger

Know Your Hops: A Guide for Aspiring Beer Snobs

Mosaic, citra, or warrior hops? Learn the difference and take your beer know-how to the next level.

06/22/2015 By Ramona DeNies

A Portland Beer Expert Shares Lessons from Belgium

Studying to become a "Certified Cicerone"—the beer equivalent of a sommelier—Lucy Burningham takes notes for local brewers.

06/22/2015 By Lucy Burningham

Drink in Style: Portland's New Beer Gear

Beervana is calling. Come prepared with these local drinking tools.

06/22/2015 By Marty Patail

Little Big Beer: Why Bud Wants to Buy Your Local Brewery

10 Barrel Brewing and Elysian were just the beginning, folks.

06/22/2015 By Brian Yaeger