We hope our Food Lovers’ Guide will offer you both inspiration and a road map. We combed the region for the finest ingredients and discovered a wide range of people and communities devoted to food—a local importer of olive oils from Italy; a purveyor of single-origin French chocolate bars crafted from Venezuelan cacao; and Beaverton’s excellent Indian and halal grocers. We’ve turned up the best of our own native bounty: wild-caught salmon, summer berries, earthy morels, grass-fed beef, and the most sumptuous varieties of pork. To get you started—or further along—we’ve researched local options for cooking classes, found bargains on high-quality cooking gear, and even tracked down the best guy to sharpen your knives. We’ve also collected cookbook recommendations from some of the best teachers, writers, and chefs in the country to guide you in the kitchen. And if you’re too busy to cook, take a look at the suggestions we’ve gathered from some well-known, time-strapped Portlanders for the best takeout options in town. Share your own favorites on our Facebook page to win a meal at a top local restaurant.

In This Feature:

Order Up!

Busy Portland notables share their local takeout favorites Dante Cunningham heads to P.F. Chang's, Naomi Pomeroy goes for rotisserie chicken.


Raise and Write

To increase your food expertise, join how-to-workshops about raising your own chickens or writing about food.

02/15/2010 By Mike Thelin and Veronica Martin

Back to School

A wide range of prices, locations and food choices, Portland chefs offer you the opportunity to learn their favorite dishes.

02/15/2010 By Hanna Neuschwander

Tools of the Trade

Three different locales are highlighted for those who are in dire need of crockery supplies, such as knife sharpening or restaurant quality porcelain.

02/15/2010 By Mike Thelin

A Baker’s Dozen

A history lesson in the artisan bakery trade of Portland. Listings include different pastry shops and the variety of treats they offer.

02/15/2010 By Mike Thelin and Eva Hagberg

Cookbook Club

Food aficionados share their favorite cookbooks. The experts include some of the best chefs, writers, and teachers in the country.


Market Madness

From SW to NE, a helpful guide of where Portland farmers markets are sprouting.

02/15/2010 By Eva Hagberg

Ranch to Table

Buy your meat from local Portland farms, or butchers, or farmer's markets, using this resource guide to get started.

02/03/2010 By Hanna Neuschwander