Looking for some culinary comfort? Search out your next rainy-day go-to by comfort key word: soothing, hearty, homey, gooey, or spicy. Indulge in local insiders’ heavy-rotation eats and PoMo staffers’ own guilty pleasures. Or, go full hibernation mode with our guide to “Chrysalis Time.”

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16 Ridiculously Comforting Dishes from Around the Globe

Search out your next rainy-day dish or guilty pleasure by comfort keyword: soothing, hearty, homey, gooey, or spicy.

01/25/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Benjamin Tepler, Karen Brooks, Marty Patail, Tuck Woodstock, Rachel Ritchie, Ramona DeNies, and Zach Dundas

Portland Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Comfort Foods

From Yucatan pork stew to toffee sauce-smothered date cake, here's what the local pros crave.

01/25/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke

Taste-Testing Portland’s Pho Kings

We slurped bowls from a handful of the city’s most beloved neighborhood pho spots. Here are this winter’s essential beef noodle soups.

01/25/2016 By Benjamin Tepler

The Spud Bracket

Pit Portland’s most awesome potatoes against one another in a drag-out battle for carb-loading supremacy.

01/15/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke

Dumplings of the World, Unite!

Whether steamed, boiled, fried, or filled, almost every nation has at least one variation of these irresistible doughy morsels. It’s time for a global tour.

01/25/2016 By Rachel Grozanick

The Search for Portland’s Magic Mac

For premium comfort, you’ve gotta get out of the city. Zigzag’s Skyway Bar and Grill has the mac ’n’ cheese you’ve been dreaming of.

01/25/2016 By Kelly Clarke

Hot Cups for Cold Days

From chai to hot buttered rum, we’ve got the liquid cure for whatever ails you.

01/25/2016 By Kelly Clarke, Fiona McCann, and Benjamin Tepler

Making A Case for “Chrysalis Time”

Screw YOLO. Between Instacart, Netflix, and box wine, why go outside at all this winter?

01/25/2016 By Amy Martin