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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


American Photographs

10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

From Diane Arbus to Robert Frank to Edward Weston, this exhibit spans the full course of the 20th century in the US.

Connecting Lines

10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

PAM’s Center for Contemporary Native Art showcases work by two artists: Luzene Hill (Eastern Band Cherokee) examines sexual violence against Native women via...

Constructing Identity

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

A new exhibit draws together contemporary work by African American artists—from the masterful silhouettes of Kara Walker to the lush paintings of Portlander ...

Dominant Form

10:00 AM FREE Newspace Center for Photography

This group photography and video exhibit explores how physical gestures intersect with social systems, such as finance, labor, and law enforcement.

George Johanson

11:00 AM FREE Augen Gallery

A stalwart of Portland’s art scene since the mid-20th century—he’ll be 90 next year—Johanson showcases a new set of richly hued paintings, including a playfu...

James Allen

11:00 AM FREE Russo-Lee Gallery

The Portland artist specializes in what he calls “book excavations,” in which he slices through book covers—leaving the spine intact—and carves around images...

Parting Shots: Minor White’s Images of Portland, 1938–1942

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $5 Architectural Heritage Center

It was a plum gig for an upstart photographer: in 1938, a 30-year-old named Minor White was commissioned by the Works Progress Administration to document the...

Quest for Beauty: The Architecture, Landscapes, and Collections of John Yeon

10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

The museum organizes a new exhibit devoted to a seminal Northwest architect, highlighting Yeon’s building and landscape design as well as his decorative art ...

Sam Hamilton

10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

In Standard Candles, the New Zealand artist bridges film, music, performance, and installation. The exhibit, Hamilton's first solo showing in the US, also fe...

The Golden Age of Poster Design

11:00 AM $10 Pittock Mansion

The late 19th century was a boom time for advertising, with major advances in lithographic printing and graphic design. This exhibit collects American poster...


International Youth Silent Film Festival

10:00 AM $10 (see website for pass details and film times) Hollywood Theatre

Do you love movies but hate the sound of people talking? Then the International Youth Silent Film Festival is for you! Inspired by a live theater organ conce...



7:30 PM and 12:00 PM $25–70 Gerding Theater at the Armory - Main Stage

Grimm star Silas Weir Mitchell returns to Portland Center Stage in Nick Payne’s two-hander about theoretical physics and love, which the New York Times said ...

Mary's Wedding

12:00 PM and 7:30 PM $25–55 Portland Center Stage

Stephen Massicotte’s dreamlike two-hander is a story of young romance cruelly interrupted by World War I.

The Importance of Being Earnest

7:30 PM $25–50 Artists Repertory Theatre

Boy bye: Oscar Wilde’s satire of Victorian social mores gets an all-lady cast in Artist Repertory Theatre’s season closer.

The Language Archive

7:30 PM $15–34 CoHo Theatre

Esperanto enthusiasts, unite! That utopian international language gets some stage time in Julia Cho’s play about a linguist with some emotionally debilitatin...