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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Contemporary Prints from Crow’s Shadow

11:00 AM FREE Hoffman Gallery at Oregon College of Art & Craft

This wide-ranging showcase of 21 prints made on-site at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts—a nonprofit in Pendleton that works to provide opportunities for ...

Corita Kent: Spiritual Pop

10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

Countercultural expression doesn’t normally come out of the convent, but Kent was an unconventional nun, as evidenced in this career-spanning collection of s...

Kris Hargis

FREE Froelick Gallery

In The less I speak, the more I learn, Hargis showcases unstinting self-portraits, including oil paintings, pastel drawings, and an eight-foot-tall sculpture...

Rodin: The Human Experience

10:00 AM FREE–$19.99 Portland Art Museum

This traveling exhibit gathers some of Auguste Rodin’s most astonishing brass sculptures, including his portraits of Gustav Mahler, Victor Hugo, Balzac, and ...

Stan Raucher and Eric West

12:00 PM FREE Blue Sky Gallery

In Metro, Raucher gives a photographic glimpse—alternately tender and mundane—into public transit systems the world over, from Paris to New York to Delhi to ...

Torrent Tea

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM FREE Newspace Center for Photography

From a small perch in inner Southeast, Newspace takes on big issues: the industrial-prison complex, democracy, nuclear materials. Now comes Torrent Tea, a gr...


Gad Elmaleh

Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM $30 Revolution Hall

In France, Elmaleh is famous. Like, real-deal, no-joke famous: He sells out arenas. His breakups are covered by the tabloids. But in a serious feat of cultur...

Louis C. K.

Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM $25–$50 Rose Garden Arena

Are there really any words left to describe Louis C. K.? The Louie star is a master of self-deprecation, a slayer of labyrinthine punch lines, and a juggler ...


Tahni Holt Dance

7:00 PM and 9:00 PM $25–$34 Reed College

Portland choreographer Tahni Holt, who’s presented her highly conceptual, cerebral dance pieces in town for almost two decades, unveils a new work. Holt rece...

Urban Meadow

2:00 PM and 7:30 PM $25–64 Lincoln Performance Hall

For two decades, the Portland dance-theater company BodyVox has brought cheeky humor and playful athleticism to the stage. This weekend, catch a greatest-hit...


Rebellion & Revolution: Insurgent Cinema

7:00 PM $7–$9 Hollywood Theatre

The Hollywood launches a four-film series to celebrate "subversive cinema, guerilla-style filmmaking, and insurrection in film," ranging from 1966 classic Th...

Reel Music Festival

Editor’s Pick 4:30 PM $6–$12 per showing Whitsell Auditorium

The NW Film Center’s multiweek, music-loving festival returns for its 34th year, with a lineup ranging from a restoration of 1930 musical revue King of Jazz ...

Special Events

Rose City Classic

8:00 AM 1–day pass $10, 2–day pass $15 Portland Expo Center

Since 1948, the Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon has produced what has become the largest dog show event in the West, a five-day extravaganza drawing canin...



2:00 PM and 7:30 PM $25–$70 Gerding Theater at the Armory - Main Stage

Portland Center Stage launches the first half of a two-part historical epic, set in the early 1800s, about John Jacob Astor’s grand (and failed) attempt to e...


2:00 PM $10–19.99 Shoebox Theatre

In this Theatre Vertigo world-premiere horror tale by Portlander Matthew B. Zrebski, a woman finds herself in a clearing in the Ozarks, possibly after the en...

El Payaso

Editor’s Pick 2:00 PM $20–27 Milagro Theatre

Milagro’s entry into this year’s Fertile Ground Festival is a new play by Emilio Rodriguez about a young man’s quest to follow in the footsteps of Oregonian ...

Fertile Ground Festival

7:30 PM Admission varies; $50 for a festival pass Artists Repertory Theatre

Think of this annual festival, now in its ninth year, as an 11-day buffet of new, locally produced performance. Things range from refined to very, very raw, ...


2:00 PM and 7:30 PM $30+ Keller Auditorium

The 20th anniversary touring production of the Pulitzer-winning, La Bohème–inspired musical makes a stop at the Keller.

The Flick

2:00 PM $25–42.50 Imago Theatre

Annie Baker’s 2013 play, set in a shabby movie theater in Massachusetts, won the Pulitzer. It has also caused minor audience revolts, with huffy midshow walk...


2:00 PM $23–$28 CoHo Theatre

What really happened when D. B. Cooper parachuted out of that Boeing 727 somewhere over the Cascades in 1971? It’s a question that’s animated obsessive quest...