As far as parking garages go, Hotel deLuxe’s rooftop lot is pretty swish, and the panoramic views pair well with the NW Film Center’s eclectic alfresco selections.

JULY 14: Plan 9 from Outer Space

Disaster? Masterpiece? Ed Wood’s 1959 low-budget sci-fi caper is both.

JULY 21: Raising Arizona

Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as baby-nappers, with the Coen Brothers at their most garrulous.

JULY 28: She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee’s first feature drew attention to the director’s scrappy style and spiky humor, and to Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood, where the film was shot.

AUG 4: Key Largo

The final Bogart-Bacall noir, directed by John Huston.

AUG 11: Attack the Block

Joe Cornish's 2011 sci-fi send-up finds a South London street youth gang defending the city against evil alien invaders.

AUG 18: Hairspray

The John Waters version with Divine and Ricki Lake, to be clear.

AUG 25: True Stories

David Byrne has described his genre-defying film as "60 Minutes on acid."

Price Range
$7–$10 in advance; $9–$12 at the door

Thursdays at 9:00pm between July 14 and August 25