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New Seeds, Old Seeds

…what are you planting this year?

03/09/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

The Joys of Flowering Quince

tough, charming and early to flower!

03/07/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant sale

Get Ready for Spring!

gardening season is on the horizon — get ready with three super-inspiring events

03/06/2012 By Kate Bryant


Where Do New Plants Come From?

Some of the most interesting plants come not from breeders’ labs but from the work of plant collectors like Dan Hinkley

03/02/2012 By Kate Bryant


Air Plants

Tillandsias — easy to grow, sometimes weird-looking and always beautiful

02/24/2012 By Kate Bryant


Slide Show: Honeyhill Farms


winter flowering plants

Honeyhill Farms

a Portland area treasure trove of winter-blooming beauty

02/21/2012 By Kate Bryant


Shed Some Light on Plants

just marked down at

02/20/2012 By Kate Bryant


Great Gardening Advice at the YGP Show

Oh, and the seminars are free this year!

02/16/2012 By Kate Bryant


Valentine's Day Terrariums

02/14/2012 By Kate Bryant

garden shows

The NW Flower & Garden Show

24 hours in Seattle

02/13/2012 By Kate Bryant

Out and About

A Tree Story

Portland’s many “Friends of Trees” have planted 430,000 trees and native plants since 1989.

02/05/2012 By Kristin Belz


Garden Show Season Is Here!

two successive weekends of garden shows coming up!

02/01/2012 By Kate Bryant

In the Kitchen Garden

Kumquats, the Natural Sweet Tarts

Tasting sweet on the outside, tart on the inside, kumquats are also good trees to grow indoors.

01/31/2012 By Kristin Belz


Make a Gorgeous Dry Terrarium!

easy instructions can be found on this video by Artemisia’s Amy Bryant-Aiello

01/30/2012 By Kate Bryant

gifts for gardeners

A Tree-Hugger's Valentine

…along with a few other ideas for plant lovers

01/27/2012 By Kate Bryant

gardening books

Timber Press Open to Garden Bookworms!

pick up a book – and go home with ideas and inspiration!

01/23/2012 By Kate Bryant