plant of the week

Mahonia Mania!

a brilliant dose of sunshine during the grayest months

01/17/2012 By Kate Bryant


Keeping Wild Birds Happy in Winter

tip: it’s easy to do, and can look pretty fantastic, too

01/16/2012 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Three Things to Do In the Garden This Week

dry weather reprieve!

01/11/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant this!

Six Fabulous Winter Flowering Plants

light up the dark days of winter with fragrant and sassy flowers

01/05/2012 By Kate Bryant

The Year of Tangering Tango

Welcome to 2012

01/02/2012 By Kate Bryant

In the Garden

Hummingbirds Keep Away the Humbugs

Inviting feathered friends to frolic outside the window.

12/23/2011 By Kristin Belz


Winner Picked!

announcing the winner of Terrarium Craft contest

12/16/2011 By Kate Bryant


Terrarium Craft One of NYT's "Notable 100 Books of 2011" Giveaway

…so we’re having a book giveaway. Celebrate with us!

12/08/2011 By Kate Bryant

gardening books

Gardening Books Galore!

Timber Press book sale and giveaways, too

12/07/2011 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Garden Gifts Holiday Workshop

Garden Fever! can help you make something crafty for garden giftees

12/01/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Strawberry Tree

Adorned with bright yellow and orange-red fruit in late fall, it’s like having a self-decorating Christmas tree!

11/30/2011 By Kate Bryant


Gifts for Gardeners

buy local!

11/29/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant sale

How To Score Sale Plants in November

what to buy, what not to buy

11/21/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Japanese Clethra

Clethra barbinervis

11/17/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant sale

End-of-Season Bulb Sales

11/14/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant sale

Viola Frenzy!

violas and pansies on sale at Cornell Farm

11/11/2011 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Plant Bulbs!

a quick and easy planting project that that will bring you sunshine in January

11/10/2011 By Kate Bryant


Shoots Bamboo and Makes Things Too

A bamboo jungle thrives, just down the street from Paul Bunyan.

11/05/2011 By Kristin Belz